Mr. Mayank Barjatya

Organizing Team: Mr. Mayank Barjatya

Designation: Bio-Architect, Prithve, Pune

Educational Qualification :

  • Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Pune University ( 1995)
  • Masters Degree in Ecology & Environment from New Delhi (2004).

Mayank has also done certificate course in study of Bio-energetics from Acmos-Paris in association with Institute of Complimentary Medicine (ICM) of Great Britain (1998)

He has learnt Building Biology from Er. Wolfgang Prigeen at BZS Burg-Steinfurt, Northwest of Germany near Munster  (2002) & been assocated with BZS as German techincal Partners till today.

In 1997, Mayank got professionally oriented towards Vastu when working as an archiect for a structural engineer, during his job he got a chance to visit Paris.

In 1998 Mayank started his own company by name of Vastuworld

With a professional background in architecture, human energetics, environment, and a strong interest in quantum physics, Mayank is a design consultant based in Pune-India specializing in contemporary architecture & vastu shastra for residential and professional spaces. He draws upon his various fields of expertise to provide his clients with innovative solutions for transforming their spaces into places of balance, harmony, and beauty.

Mayank has been teaching since year 2000, He has more than 200 students / followers of his research on Vedic Indian Sciences. All his students are practising Vastuworld system of energy rectification thoghout globe.

Mayank has delivered a paper at IIT-Delhi on 10-11th Feb 2006 on scientific validation of ancient medical system, where audience were top doctors, professors and scientist from all over the country, IIT’s, AIIMS and other hospitals.

He was invited in 2004 to participate in energy medicine congress in Heidelberg-Germany, his holistic approach in divine architecture can be very well seen from his website

In September 2013, Mayank presented his research paper on Earth Communication at Kerpic’13 – New Generation Earthern Architecture: Learning from Heritage, an International Conference, Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey.

Mayank is instrumental in getting the Gold Lecher Antenna to India & in year 2014 he was the first Indian to get a teaching certificate on Rediesthetia & Geo-biology from Argo Germany.

In 2015 Mayank phased out a plan to set up his own learning Centre near Pune and has coined it  “Prithwe Earthing Center”

2016 has been an year of adventure, Mayank & Vastuworld was selected by Vastu Shipa Consultancy under Architect B.V. Doshi Ahmedabad to participate as a Vastu expert for Amaravati-Capitol Complex Design. Mayank presented among the Jury at Vijaywada.

2016 also bring in the spiritual part of Mayank’s work where he designed 48 infinity energy cards based on science of Jainism following Hebrew philosophy.

“ He says, it is my incessant endeavor to update my team’s know-how through research. This updated expertise shapes our architectural consultancy, so that our customized solutions can lead us to enhanced spatial and enriched life experiences. Sharing vast knowledge is my way of staying connected with my learning’s. Guiding students and practitioners in holistic building is my attempt to complete the natural cycle of learning and growing. Mayank also disseminate his self-learning’s about bio building, ecology, and earth spirituality through monthly newsletter Vastu Times.”

Reinventing the architecture of fulfillment which is the punchline of Mayank’s current website, talks about role of traditonal wisdom in todays context . Indian Vedic Architecture, Hebrew sacred geometry & German Building Biology has a strong impact on his research.

Mayank’s & Vastuworld’s motive is to convert bland buildings to spaces with souls. “ 

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