Dr. Vinay Kumar Rao

Name : Dr. Vinay Kumar Rao

Designation : Assistant Professor

Department : History

Specialization : Ancient Indian history and archaeology

Recent Publications:

1. Buddhist Sculptural Art of Lower Krishna Valley, Agam Kala Prakashan, Delhi,


2. “Evidences of Asava Pana in Literature and Sculptural art in Early Buddhist

Period”, History Today, vol. 9, 2008-09

3. “Exploration in the Ghaggar Basin and Excavations at Girawad, Farmana and

Mitathal, India”, In: T. Osada and A. Uesugi, (ed.), Linguistics, Archaeology and

Human Past, Kyoto, Japan, 2008 (with Vasant Shinde and others)

4. “Development of Buddhism and Characteristic Features of Pagodā at Pagān:

Myanmar”, In: Sri Buddha Varada, Amaravati Archaeological Museum, ASI,


5. Baudha Kalā Mein Nārī (in Hindi), Swati Publications, New Delhi, 2005

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