Dr. Suruchi Pande


Designation:  PhD (Bio-Ethics) and PhD (Ethno-Ornithology).

  • Vice Chair Person and founder trustee, Ela Foundation, Pune.
  • Head, “Nilkantha Joshi Lab of Ethno-Ornithology” in ‘Ornithology, Ethno-ornithology and Natural Sounds Laboratory’, Pune.


  • Member of the editorial board of “Ela Journal of Wildlife and Forestry”.
  • Member of the editorial board of ‘European Journal of Ecology’.
  • Work as an independent author and researcher.
  • Working on various book projects and multi-media presentations related to Indian philosophy, Culture and Nature conservation.


  • For the last 17 years she is regularly conducting certificate courses on:
  • “Ecological philosophy in Indian Culture” (12 lectures schedule);
  • “Ecological thought in Indian Iconography” (8 lectures schedule);
  • “Ecological thought in Sanskrit Stotra Literature” (8 lectures schedule);
  • “Enhancing Values – based on Patanjala Yogasutra” (15 lectures schedule);
  • “Indian Psychology and Values for ecology” - (4 lectures schedule).

- Conducts regular workshops on various themes to introduce Indian Culture and Literature and the glorious heritage of India and major contribution in ‘Rural Outreach Programs’ conducted by Ela Foundation for Education, Research and Nature Conservation.

- She is one of the country’s foremost Ethno-Ornithologists. Till date she has authored 65 books on Sanskrit literature, philosophy and nature conservation. She is the recipient of several awards. She has won the ‘Award for excellence in Literature’ from the Government of Maharashtra for her book for promotion of conservation and folk literature awareness amongst children.

She has translated several books from English and Bengali into Marathi. She has been the scholar of ‘Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture’, Kolkata twice. She has worked with ‘Foundation for Research in Community Health’, Pune; Sanskrit Dept., SP University, Pune and Sanskrit Department, Jnana Prabodhini, Pune.

She has published her research on ethno-ornithology in peer reviewed journals and has read papers in international and national conferences. She has participated in the first women’s horse-riding expedition from Pune to Simhagad Fort.




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