February 09,2018
    VVS Volunteers meet (Tṛtīyam Viśva-Veda-Vijñāna-Sammelanam)
    VVS Volunteers Meet. more
    January 13,2018
    Dr. Satyapal Singh during the 3rd VVVS (Tṛtīyam Viśva-Veda-Vijñāna-Sammelanam)
    Addressed “Tritya Vishwa Veda Vijnana Sammelana” (3rd World Congress of Vedic Sciences) at Deccan College in Pune. Later, I met the youngest 11 year old Post Graduate student. more
    January 10,2018
    Message From Vedacharya Dr. David Frawley (Tṛtīyam Viśva-Veda-Vijñāna-Sammelanam)
    A goodwill message from Vedacharya Dr. David Frawley for 3rd Vishva Ved Vijnana Sammelanam which will be held in Pune on 10 to 14th of January 2018. more