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           Today, in spite of tremendous strides in science and technology as well as economic development, the world is facing enormous environmental, ecological and ethical challenges that are threatening the very survival of human kind. Some thought leaders and distinguished scientists have gone to the extent of stating that this will be the last century for humanity unless we shift our concept and paradigm of development and progress.There is an urgent need of changing our world view through the harmony of man, machine and nature. 


           It is widely believed that the insights of future development are rooted in the Vedic perspective (Indian Knowledge System) that sees the whole world as one family and in fact enun


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January 11,2018
` वेदविज्ञानसृष्टी ` अवतरली
प्राचीन भारतीय विज्ञान हे  उ more
January 11,2018
` वैदिक विज्ञान शिक्षणात हवे `
"स्वतःविषयीची उत्तरे शोधण्य more
January 06,2018
तृतीय वेद विज्ञान संमेलन १० जानेवारी पासून
 विज्ञान भारती आणि डेक्कन कॉ more
December 21,2017
Can Indian way of life will be a solution for Climate Change?
Exploitation of Natural resources on the name of 'Development' is the ma more
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